Legal Forms, Templates and other Resources


SLT Form Independent Contractor Agreement

This Independent Contractor Agreement is generally designed to be used for hiring software engineering on an independent contractor basis, but can be adapted to other types of work-for-hire situations.  It can be used by an individual entrepreneur before a company has been formed.  See post discussing this content.

Valuation and Dilution Calculator

Spreadsheet for calculation pre-money value, post-money value and dilution of ownership percentages over five capital raises. See post and video explaining how to use the calculator.

Exploratory Phase Partnership Agreement.  

This Partnership Agreement is designed as a temporary agreement to help collaborators work together before it makes sense to incorporate.  The business should incorporate before it earns revenues, hires employees, enters into contracts, or raises funds.  Read more about the exploratory phase and when to incorporate here.

Independent Contractor vs. Employee Powerpoint 

Deniz Kiral’s slide deck from our October 8, 2012 workshop on Independent Contractor Agreements.  Deniz goes over the rules governing whether a worker is properly classified as an employee or and independent contractor.

Start-Up Documentation

Carter Mackley’s slide deck from our November 12, 2012 workshop on The Essential Legal Documents for Startups.  Carter goes over all of the legal documents that a well-organized startup company will have in place — the documents that due diligence investigators will ask to see when conducting due diligence for a capital raise or acquisition.  Also check Carter’s post on the same topic.

 Pre-Money Valuation Calculated Three Ways with Warrants

When stock is issued with attached warrants pre-money value can arguably be calculated more than one way, reducing its usefulness as a metric to compare different investments.  This spreadsheet shows three different ways to calculate it.  See post discussing this subject.