Entrepreneurs in Residence Program By USCIS

As Congress ponders on what to do to keep entrepreneurs in the US on legal visas, the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) has started their own efforts to improve the current immigration system.  To this end, USCIS launched “Entrepreneurs in Residence” (EIR) program in February 2012.  The USCIS invited business mogals, think-tanks and practitioners to discuss the current system and how to improve existing laws and regulations (that do not require approval from Congress).  Here is a link to information on the EIR launch.

Since the launch, there has been steady information towards the hope of real progress. In April 2012, USCIS introduced their tactical team. On July 30th, there will be conference in Atlanta, GA on this matter where USCIS Director Mr. Alejandro Majorkas will provide an update to their findings so far.

It is hoped that USCIS will offer ways to make the current immigration visa options entrepreneur friendly.  For example, an H1b visa has strict rules for proving that the beneficiary (the immigrant) will be paid a minimum prevailing wage. Yet, many start-up companies cannot afford to pay that amount of money. So, what other alternatives might suffice to fullfill those visa requirements?

I am monitoring this topic closely and will provide updates in due course.

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