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  1. Please weigh in to help me get there.
    Pardon the semi structured verbiage but this is the mind of an entrepreneur.
    So I am planning a Start-up next month 01/2014 in the service industry (Delaware C Corporation authorized to issue 1 million common). This is a multi-billion dollar industry. The industry currently has many single location operators. My concept is to establish a nationwide chain. It is not possible to contact each individual operator to acquire. I see a great opportunity to team up with a nationwide service provider (different product line) Company X. I would like to start by renting a space in each location of company X. Company X has some resources that my company will use. My company will pay for theses resources thus generating income for Company X.

    I am trying to find a way to propose to Company X not only to rent me the space but also invest since my model will generate ongoing income for many years to come. I know that my target customers will appreciate the availability of my service offering under one brand at more locations throughout the country. I believe that on a larger scale, the services that my company plans to offer will be very competitive fees if not less than what current operators charge. I know my company will be profitable at the end of the first year.

    For the business model to succeed, Company X has to agree to invest. With Company X as an investor, my company will employ interested current single operators in our locations. My company can offer very competitive salary and benefits. I don’t want to contract the operators. I know I will not be able to eliminate all single operators but I know customers feel more comfortable working with a brand. My marketing plans call for stressing customer service with guarantee and the backing of Company X will solidify my concept.

    I am getting ready to start the seed money stage.
    I do not want to contact Company X for fear of losing my idea. We all know business ideas are not protected by patent laws.

    In my business plan, do I write the financials based on a single location and then ask prospective investors (readers) to extrapolate to one thousand locations or do I generate my financials for multi locations?
    Is it a good idea to seek funding from a selected few current single operators by issuing shares of my company? I would like to employ the selected operators to help write standard operating procedures that will become the templates used in all locations.
    The uses of funds generated will be used to establish Corporate Office and create a proposal to make an offer to Company X.
    I am hoping for Press Release to be issued by Company X in mid June 2014

    Thank you.

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