Tahmina Watson quoted in Seattle Times article on Startup Act 2.0

Startup Law Talk immigration specialist Tahmina Watson was quoted in this article in the Seattle Times about Startup Act 2.0.  Seattle is full of immigrant entrepreneurs who start companies and create jobs for others.  These entrepreneurs will benefit from passage of Startup Act 2.0, as well as the employees and business partners of the companies they create.

U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service  eased visa restrictions on immigrant entrepreneurs last year but Watson is among those who would like to see further changes to the system.   Immigrant entrepreneurs can now get H-1B visas, it is extremely difficult for these business owners to remain in the U.S. beyond the six years typically allowed.  There is no easy path to a green card for self-employed entrepreneurs.   Hopefully the Start-Up Act 2.0 will address that.


  1. sparkie miller says

    Interesting to see what will happen to small business after the election.

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