Company valuation and dilution – The minimum you must know to set up your company and raise capital.

How should company stock be allocated among founders, employee stock options, and financial investors?   What happens to everyone’s share of the company when new stock is issued?  How do you know how much of the company should be offered to new financial investors?  These are the fundamental questions regarding valuation and dilution that we will be addressing at our next  workshop on December 15th  hosted by extraSlice Smart Space.  Carter Mackley will review basic capitalization table mathematics, dilution, and pre-money valuation metrics.  He will show how to use the Startup Valuation and Dilution spreadsheet (download here)  to analyze the dilutive impact to founders of alternative fundraising scenarios.


extraSlice Smart Space – extraSlice Inc. 2375 130 Ave NE,. Bellevue,, WA 98005 – View Map


 We will look forward to seeing you there.


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