H1B and the Startup

H1b and the Startup

Held on January 14, 2013, 5:30-8pm.

Tahmina Watson presented on the fundamentals of an H1b visa petition, as well as H1b for the consultancy company and the self-employed entrepreneur at our workshop titled “H1b and the Start-Up.”  

Issues covered:

1. H1b basic requirements and time frames.

2. H1b general documentation.

3. H1b for the employer

4. H1b and how it applies to a Start-up company owner

5. H1b for the consulting company.

and other related issues.

With the H1b season about start, this will be important for anyone thinking about filing an H1b on April 1st 2013, whether you are a Start-up founder thinking of an H1b for yourself, or if you are an owner looking to employ people on an H1b visa, or if you are an employee needing to understand more about the H1b process.

For follow-up questions email Tahmina at [email protected].

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